Artist Development Sessions

Hosted every Monday at Ryan James Fine Arts Gallery. Kirkland Washington. 12pm - 7pm
Also Available for Zoom sessions.

A private one-on-one session devoted to helping anyone who has chosen the path of art, and who wishes to level up their career to a higher standard of creating

Please email me at for a scheduled hour slot. 

Art Education/Art History

Favorite Art:

- Study art history and artists that might speak to you. What artist movements can you see your art fitting into?

-Focus on "self" and personal strengths within your work. How we can draw from contemporary art and art history to improve your portfolio.


-What Hobbies are you interested in outside of art?

-Can we combine your other hobbies with your art making or art practice


-Quick color theory run down

-Learn to notice color in nature and other art. Develop a diary of color schemes which resonate with you.

-What is "complicated color" and why does it matter?


-Learning balance

-"Resting Place" for the eye

- Look at other art to get insight

-Look at nature to get insight

-Golden ratio


-Look at art history innovate on ideas/compositions that are already established

-Look at nature, how can you change or improve instances of nature, reflect on nature to bring light to subtleties?

-Make observations about nature that we can carry into our modern world

-How can we improve art or art making to make it our own? Develop own signature within work

Writing about Your Art

- Artist Statement

-Artist Bio

-Themes or background behind your work?

-Highlight your "Signature"


Approach Galleries/Marketing/Showing

-Are you ready to move to this final step? Is your portfolio up to standards?

First impressions are everything.

-Find avenues to move your work into the art world

-How to apply for shows & opportunities