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My paintings are like finger prints, each having their own soul or essence so unique it may only be created by nature itself.

I use a new approach to the old medium of oil paint; I mix new materials from the modern era, with the timeless oils of the past. I’m entrapped by my obsession with the magic-like chemical approach which captures a natural process freezing it in time. I am bound to the exploration of my discovered process, as if it has an energy which is so captivating that I feel I need endless time to understand it.  Like the puppet master to the show, I am entranced by a technique I will never completely harness, only have a hand in its direction.

I aim to create hypnagogic lands of ethereal figures free floating in a space which the viewer can dive into and escape the noise of everyday life. I intend for my work to create a void into a world which seems familiar yet unfamiliar, and encourages the discussion of the micro macro make-up of life and distant realities.

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